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1 Paperback bound Invincible, Indiana

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1 Paperback bound Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the Indianapolis Colts


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About Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the Indianapolis Colts:

The Colts came to basketball country in 1984. For the past quarter century, the team has laid claim to the hearts of sports fans all over the Hoosier state. With controversial stars like Dickerson and George and Hall of Famers in waiting like Manning and Harrison, the Indianapolis Colts have built a fan base that bleeds blue. From Bob Irsay to Jim Irsay, from Jason Belser to Bob Sanders, from Bill Brooks to Reggie Wayne, this is the story of the love affair between Indianapolis Colts and their fans. Perfect for the die-hard tailgater and the casual fan alike, Blue Blood covers the history of the Colts from the Midnight Move to Super Bowl glory. "When I began covering the entire AFC South in 2008, my exposure to football writers outside of the traditional mainstream increased dramatically. Since then, none of them has as consistently offered the insightful, well-reasoned analysis of Nate Dunlevy at www.18to88.com. He's a must-read for Colts fans. And he's a should-read for other fan-bloggers around the league." -Paul Kuharsky, ESPN.com "Nate Dunlevy is one of the most entertaining and creative writers working today in the seedy and boisterous underworld of pro football blogging. He's hopelessly devoted to the Colts when they win, and hopelessly apologetic for their foibles when they blow yet another big game. He is, in short, a football fan. He is a must-read for all those who bleed horseshoe blue-as well as for those who hate the Colts, too." -Kerry J. Byrne, Publisher/Potentate of Pigskin, Cold, Hard Football Facts.com "Nate Dunlevy has the ability to portray a fan's viewpoint while being thorough and concise in formulating his argument. Instead of making unsubstantiated claims based on a gut feeling, he presents research and numerous statistics to support his stance. If you are looking for a reason as to why the old media is struggling in this booming new age of popular fan blogs, look no further than the superb quality of Nate's writing. A must read for any Colts' die-hard, he has the heart of a fan, and the head of a professional analyst." -Derek Schultz XL 950 Indianapolis "As bloggers go, this guy doesn't stink. Except when he's ripping me. Anyway, read this book... " -Bob Kravitz, Columnist, Indianapolis Star



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